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Here is what a few of our members have to say about B-Global

Reviews and Testimonials

Yomi Adeyemi – Director

“We have had one to one with a business advisor, we got involved and we still strive to get involved with B- Global.”

“They have supported us in areas of finance, budgets and 1-2-1’s.”

Insight Care Services Ltd.

Jennifer Lu – Business Developer

“As the saying goes, Gratitude is like gravy—put it on everything! So we pour out our thanks to you for supporting us continuously.”

“Business events, online webinars, industry news updates, funding information and so on — all of these keep our business alive and makes our line of work a pleasure each day.

“Looking forward to another great year with you!”

W&W Trading

Anthony Williams – Owner

“B-Global opened my eyes to where there are other options out there, where I can get more help to further my business.”

“I am trying new ideas from them.”

When asked whether out client would recommend B-Global to another entrepreneur, they said:

“Yes, definitely. I have introduced two people to the B-Global network already.”

Chef’s Hut

Iyabode Kadejo

“I can see a big difference. B-Global has been very helpful to the Compatriot.”

“Definitely 5 stars.”

The Compatriot.

Omari Camacho – Entreprenuer

When asked whether out client would recommend B-Global to another entrepreneur, they said:

“Definitely to people starting off and if you are already established.”

W&W Trading

Asma Iqbal – Founder

“B-Global helped me to connect with other people.”

“The concept of the programme is fantastic.”

My Success Story

Qawiyy Kareem

When this entrepreneur heard of the benefits of joining the B-Global Network they said:

“100%, I would like to signup to B-Global.”

Ace Signature Ltd.

Yasar Tanveer

Upon hearing of the free business services that B-Global provides, this entrepreneur said:

“The future is to grow the business. I am sure we can definitely benefit from the B-Global Network. 

“Definitely, 100 % would recommend.”

FTA Furnishing Ltd.

Iyabode Kadejo

On B-Global ‘Access to Finance’ webinar:

“There was lots of information;  anything that it contributes that is positive to the business, we really appreciate.”

The Compatriot.

Chanel Richards – Business Director

On B-Global ‘Access to Finance’ webinar:

It helped me to find out what resources are available such as grants, finance and loans.

There are various finances available,

I have already recommended B-Global to three people.

Aegis People Ltd