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Events and Resources

Here at B-Global, we’re here to offer business support in Nottinghamshire to ethnic-minority-led businesses.

That’s why we run business events in Nottingham to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together. At our business events in Derby and beyond, we offer the opportunity to network and forge working partnerships that can help you grow your business in Nottinghamshire.

We’re dedicated to improving access to business resources in Nottingham and Derby for the BAME community. So, here you’ll find all the information you need to support your business growth in the Midlands.


Start-up Services

We offer business support in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and the wider local area to those who are keen to launch or who have recently launched a new enterprise. We offer bespoke advice, guidance, and support tailored to meet the needs of each business owner.

The services we offer include:

  • 1 to 1 business advice, mentoring, and coaching around the unique needs of each business.
  • Support in creating and developing effective business plans.
  • Help in getting market research off the ground.
  • Help to source start-up funding to launch a business.
  • Guidance in selecting the correct business legal structure for each individual enterprise.

Scale-up Services

Here at B-Global, we understand that the need for help doesn’t stop after you’ve launched your business. In fact, in many cases, you need expert advice more than ever. That’s why we offer support not only for new start-ups but also for growing enterprises.

If you’re experiencing or planning for growth, we can offer you the bespoke advice, support, and guidance you need to thrive.

The services we offer existing BAME business owners in the East Midlands include:

  • Business health checks free of charge to ensure your operation is running at its optimal level for success.
  • Help to access appropriate support through B-Global’s network of local partners and via the D2N2 Growth Hub.
  • Help to identify new ways for your enterprise to increase its sales, expand its reach, and boost its profitability.
  • Help with recruiting and onboarding new members of staff.
  • Assistance with training current team members to help enhance and hone their skills.
  • Working with apprentices.
  • Help with gaining access to funding in Nottingham and Derby and assistance in applying for government grants and business loans.

We also run business connectivity events to enable BAME-led enterprises across the Nottinghamshire region to connect with each other and forge working partnerships.

We facilitate business to business networking so ethnic minority entrepreneurs can get to know each other and share their experiences with the aim of encouraging growth, empowerment, and innovation.

We also provide opportunities for BAME enterprises to connect with the wider local business community so that they can raise their profile.

As part of the support package that we offer B-Global members, we run workshops and webinars. These events are designed to connect enterprises with helpful industry resources. Led by experts, they cover a wide variety of useful topics and allow experiences and best practices to be shared for the benefit of BAME entrepreneurs.

Our programme of events and webinars offered by the D2N2 Growth Hub in Nottingham are all free of charge to members.

Bespoke Support

Here at B-Global we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to offering business support in Nottinghamshire. Every enterprise has its own unique needs and every business owner has their own individual requirements. That’s why we are committed to offering bespoke support that is tailored to each recipient’s needs.

We work with you directly to identify the areas in which we can help you most. We listen to what you need and then we tailor the support, guidance, and help that we offer to meet those requirements. We want you to get maximum benefit from the support we can offer your business in Nottingham.

So become part of the B-Global community today and start gaining new knowledge and experiences today!

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If you want to set up or grow your business in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, or the wider East Midlands,
B-Global is here to give you the support, guidance, and valuable advice you need to succeed.
You can become part of this exciting black-led business network community that serves over 10,000 people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the local area.