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Introducing the B-Global Virtual Office Service, you can now use the B-Global address in the United Kingdom as your virtual office address, allowing you to operate a business from the United Kingdom. This service is a cost-effective way for new entrepreneurs or budding business owners to increase their chances of success by presenting their operations as established with a Headquarters or office base.

The B-Global virtual office service is ideal for business owners already in the United Kingdom or living abroad, providing you with a mailing address for all your business affairs. Regardless of the size of your Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic business, big or small, registering a business office in the United Kingdom is a great way to enter the market and establish a business presence in a country with lots of stability and world-wide operations.

Registering a virtual office with B-Global obtains your business a UK address to trade virtually from, allowing your business to have a professional trading address as opposed to a home or overseas address, which can look unprofessional. With a virtual office, you can save a lot of money that would have been spent on a physical office and put it to better use within your business, meaning you can work flexibly and remotely.

B-Global consistently strives to find new ways to support ethnic minority-led businesses. Offering a plethora of mentorship as well as a variety of resources to help new and existing Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic business owners in Nottinghamshire or beyond, grow and establish their businesses.

A virtual office is ideal if you’re a small Black, Asian or minority ethnic business owner. You can use a professional address instead of your home address, meaning you don’t have to provide your home address over the internet or to clients. Rather, you can have a presence inside the United Kingdom whilst operating without any of the financial burdens of a physical office building.



  • Have all your business letters which are sent to the B-Global address scanned and emailed to you, so you quickly receive a copy of any important letters that are sent to your virtual office. Cost – £1 per letter.
  • Any business letters received at your virtual office can be reposted directly to an address of your choice. Cost – £2 per letter.
  • Enjoy fast processing. All letters are forwarded directly to you within 24 hours. Meaning you can receive your letters quickly and seamlessly.



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