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We have been created to get funding and business tips, events and training for Startups AND scale-ups.
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The Ingenuity Programme for Black, Asian and multicultural businesses

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We have partnered with the D2N2 Growth Hub and Nottingham City Council to provide advice and business support in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire for local BAME business owners.
Our adviser-led, tailored support is aimed not only at entrepreneurs who are ready to find startup funding to launch their business but also at existing business people who want to scale up their enterprises.
Our training and workshops give you access to business resources in Nottingham and Derby so you can develop and hone the skills you need for success.

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Your customers are waiting for you to offer them your goods & services, find out how to reach them

No business can succeed if it has no customers! This training course teaches you how to market your business effectively. You’ll learn how to raise your brand profile. You’ll also discover how to use digital marketing to your advantage. Armed with these key skills, you’ll set yourself up for success.


Need help finding the right tools to make your business run better?

We live in a digital age and business owners today need to use the latest technology. This course teaches you about the IT and software solutions you and your business need. Using technology to your advantage makes your business more profitable and competitive.


Your business is only as smart as the thinking inside it, constant learning is a powerful way to stay ahead

Your business relies on you for its success. That’s why your own personal development is so important. This course helps you to focus on developing your own skills and knowledge. It points you in the direction of personal growth so you can give your best to your business.

Growth Through Acquisitions and Mergers

Buying a business can be a great way to scale up… And there is funding available to help you

You can grow your business on your own. However, you can also grow it through acquisitions and mergers with other companies. This course looks at the pros and cons of taking this route to grow your business in Nottinghamshire.

Why have an Accountant

Accountants do more than balance books, they offer great ways to ensure compliance, operate efficiently, and more…

As an aspiring or new entrepreneur, you may wonder if it’s worthwhile hiring an accountant. After all, your budget is probably tight. Surely you can save money by doing your own accounts? This course explains the benefits of using a professional to handle your finances.

Why have a Lawyer

It costs you nothing to have a legal team on standby, but it can cost you EVERYTHING when you don’t have good legal advice!

From time to time, every business encounters legal matters. You may be buying or selling your business. You may be handling disputes. You may even need to deal with something more complex like an intellectual property matter. That’s why having a lawyer is so important. This course points out the advantages of getting a legal professional onboard.

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Join in and Grow
with the Community

If you want to set up or grow your business in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, or the wider East Midlands,
B-Global is here to give you the support, guidance, and valuable advice you need to succeed.
You can become part of this exciting black-led business network community that serves over 10,000 people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the local area.


Tell your business story

We want every BAME entrepreneur to be a great success. When you join B-Global, you can tell your own business story and help inspire others in your community.

“I’ve received so much support and guidance from B-Global for my business in Nottingham. From helping me gain access to funding in Nottingham and Derby to inviting me to networking business events in Nottingham to meet like-minded people, B-Global is all about BAME business growth in the Midlands.”


Our trusted partners

All of our partners are passionate about making an impact and supporting black and ethnic minorities with starting and growing businesses in the UK.

“B-Global brings everybody together and pools business ideas, Allows us to connect with other businesses and see how we can partner and progress…

There are a lot of businesses that we have been meeting that we did not even know existed in the local area”
 Taofeek Ajibike 
Founder/Managing Director
White Eagles Education

Start Getting New Knowledge and Experience, Together!

We are a community that builds, supports and champions black and ethnic minority businesses… Can we champion you?