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*D2N2 schemes are specific for Nottingham Derby, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, however all applications for membership are welcome.

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What do you get for being a B-Global Member?

B-Global is a membership organisation that has been launched specifically to support entrepreneurs and business owners in the Black, Asian and other minority communities. We’re here to help people from minority ethnic backgrounds in Nottingham and the surrounding areas who want to set up or grow their own businesses.

We work with local councils, industry partners, and the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce to put helpful resources within easy reach of our members so that they can make their enterprises a success.

B-Global takes a comprehensive approach to helping people from BAME backgrounds set up and expand their own businesses. By offering support and practical help, B-Global’s mission is to make launching and running a successful company possible for anyone from a minority community in the Nottinghamshire area.

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  • Providing business review sessions
    Led by a specialist adviser. These sessions are designed to help business owners to understand their company’s current position and to help clarify its aims and objectives before creating and developing an action plan to facilitate its growth.
  • Helping business owners
    To access specialist support from business mentors and coaches, independent consultants, and professionals from a higher education or university background so that they can effectively implement their business action plan and unlock their true potential.
  • Supporting business owners
    Help prepare businesses for investment readiness by providing access to suitable financial services and products, and by giving specialist financial advice on a one-to-one or group support basis so that scaling up business plans and raising much-needed finance becomes possible
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B-GLOBAL - Sign up B-Global
B-GLOBAL - Sign up B-Global
B-GLOBAL - Sign up B-Global
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Are you a Small Medium Size business experiencing skills shortages or skills gaps in your organisation?

If yes, then join B-Global and its partners (Nottingham Trent University, West Nottingham College & Derby University) on this High-Level Skills program. This is the only programme in D2N2 (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire) dedicated to addressing high-level skills needs in small or medium-sized businesses.

The programme is FREE, FULLY FUNDED and aimed at leaders who want to build a more diverse workforce for their business. The course will also support current black and minority-ethnic leaders.

About the course:

The lack of leaders from diverse backgrounds, and particularly minority ethnic backgrounds, has been identified in much recent research such as the Parker Review 2020.

NTU’s Diverse Leadership programme has been developed following discussions with local cultural leaders focusing on the need for change management skills and the development of existing leaders to support the diversification of the workforce. The programme will also focus on developing skills of current or aspiring Black and ethnic-minority leaders.

Led by Nottingham Business school, the programme will cover a 20-credit module at Level 7 equivalent.

B-Global is recruiting 80 businesses across the D2N2 on to this Diverse Leadership course to be delivered by Nottingham Business School at NTU. The course will lead participants to the attainment of a 20-credit module at Level 7.

Who is eligible?

Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham Nottinghamshire are eligible for support:

  • Less than 250 employees
  • Annual turnover under EUR 50 million or
  • Annual balance sheet less than EUR 43 million.

Joining B-Global is the best solution for any BAME business owner who is ready to start or expand their own business. Even better, it couldn’t be easier to get B-Global membership. Just sign up here now and you’ll be able to access helpful advice and information to help make your enterprise be a great success.

You’ll receive members-only invites to webinars and details of funding opportunities that you can take advantage of. You’ll also benefit from industry finance secrets, as well as handy hacks to support your business growth, help you manage your supply chain, and to optimise your company’s performance.

So, don’t delay – register now and begin your journey to business success.


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What Members Are Saying

It would be a mistake not to join, there is so much information and one-on-one support, no matter what your business challenge is!

“We have had one to one with Alfred, we got involved and we still strive to get involved with B- Global.

They have supported us in areas of finance, budgets and 1-2-1’s.”

Yomi Adeyemi
Insight Care Services Ltd

“Webinars opened my eyes to opportunities out there to support businesses… Certainly expanded my perspective and knowledge”
“I already have, and will continue to recommend [B-Global]”
 “Please continue to do what you do”

Tinashe Emmanuel
Gent Next Door

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